Wireless Android Auto CarPlay AI box Adapter Dongle

No need to disassemble your car stereo—simply plug it into the Apple CarPlay USB port.

Enjoy wireless connectivity for music, messaging, navigation, and more. Compatible with various car models and supports Siri/Google Assistant voice control.

Fast Transfer

Using the 5GHz WiFi technology ensures smooth and stutter-free operation, making it easy to use wireless to connect your vehicle, via the car's display access your favorite navigation, media and messaging apps.

Enjoy many applications as you like at whim

Step 1

Connect the usb dongle to the usb port of car.

Step 2

Open the Wifi and Bluetooth of the phone, find the bluetooth (HI-BOX) of the usb dongle, and click Pair

Step 3

Click "Pair" on the phone, and choose the "Use CarPlay/Android Auto" to achieve wireless connection.


CARABC AI box may disconnect repeatedly due to conflicts between Bluetooth records of the original car and the CARABC box. To fix this, clear Bluetooth records of both the car and your phone. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting.

This wireless CarPlay AI box is suitable for cars with built-in factory wired Carplay.It is not suitable for cars without OEM wire carplay.

Of course, this has YouTube and Netflix software built-in.

Yes, the wireless Carplay AI Box supports wireless Android and wireless carplay. as not all Android phones support wireless Android Auto, please make sure your phone supports wireless Android Auto before you buy.

Yes, you can play local video, music and other local content without connecting to the Internet.