Wireless Carplay Adapter

Experience the convenience of wireless CarPlay with CARABC's latest adapter.
Seamlessly integrate your iPhone with your car's touchscreen controls, voice commands, and steering wheel.
Easy plug-and-play setup, no audio delay. Stay connected on the road with CARABC's wireless CarPlay adapter.

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Wireless carplay is a smarter and safer way to use your phone in your car. This Apple CarPlay wireless adapter is small, portable, plug-and-play and very easy to use.

Step 1

Connect the USB Dongle to the car,the blue light will light up.

Step 2

Turn on the mobile phone WiFi & Bluetooth, search and connect Bluetooth-"smartBox_XXXX”.

Steps 3

After pairing is complete, click the "Use CarPlay" window to complete the wireless.

Converting OEM Wired CarPlay to Wireless!

Automatic Appearance Switching

Depending on the car headlights automatically switch the CarPlay appearance, protecting your eyesight and making driving safer!

Full CarPlay Functionality

The wireless adapter supports voice control, navigation, music& messages. It's also perfectly fits OEM control such as buttons, knobs&screen-touch.

High Performance 5G Chipset

CARABC wireless adapter has a built-in 5G chip that is fits 5Ghz WIFI for a more stable connection & faster response without worrying about audio lag.

Feature images or videos

Tested, our dual antenna design allows for a 12 second startup speed, and the fastest full startup speed can reach 6 seconds.

Fit for OEM wired CarPlay cars and iPhones only.

All vehicles must he a model in 2016 or undated.Some brands even require models in 2017 or 2018 to work normally.


Try the dongle with a different iPhone. If one iPhone can't connect, reset its network and Bluetooth settings, then restart it. If the same issue occurs on other iPhones, the unit may be defective. Please let us know for assistance.

In some cars, we need to select 'automatic connection' in the CarPlay settings to use the dongle's auto-connect function.

Please provide your car model and we'll send a firmware update for you to try.

The dongle can be paired with multiple iPhones, but only one device can be connected at a time. Note that the dongle's Bluetooth function defaults to auto-connecting with the last used iPhone.

CARabc carplay may disconnect repeatedly due to conflicts between Bluetooth records of the original car and the CARABC box. To fix this, clear Bluetooth records of both the car and your phone. Wait a few minutes before reconnecting.